The Hook and I

Adventures in Crochet

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Remembrance of crochet things past....

I think I started crocheting in junior high; I was probably 14 or so, so we are talking a good many years of crocheting. (We'll leave it at that....) Can I recall former projects? I remember a very, very early project; it might have been one of my only attempts at knitting and it was certainly a Home Ec project but it was a hideous purple and yellow (Viking colors!) scarf in cheap yarn. Yuck! Wonder what happened to that.

I remember an accidental forray into soft toys. I was trying to work a bear or something like that and realized it looked more like an ice cream cone. I made a whole series of those for the children I baby-sat. The scoops were edged with a shell stitch; so cute. I should try to recreate those.

Then there was the very elaborate graphic-style afghan stitch blanket I made Joe in expensive grey, red and white wool. That was a variation of a Family Circle or Woman's Day contest runner up pattern. I know he still uses it. It's very warm.

I abandoned crochet for many years; not sure why. And not sure why I picked it up again. I know I had a drive to make things for all my friends who were expecting babies while I was still waiting for mine. It was something to fill the time; something to create, I guess.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Four WIPs

Four Works-in-Progress and more in my dreams. I'm not at all sure I'll finish the afghan in time for Angela's wedding (a week from Friday). It's working up very nice; I had a hard time settling on a pattern. I didn't want anything too old-ladyish for her. I'm working it in a nice soft white yarn; it's simply a repeating pattern of puff stitch with V-stitch. Uses a lot of yarn though!

I'd set aside the Lion Suede striped afghan for Charlie's room while I finished up Angela's. I love working with Lion Suede; the frog stitch is hard to do though with that yarn, though! lol

I also made the first tentative steps to a thread crochet lace curtain. :thud: Oh my, that will take me forever! It's a size 20 thread. It's a bit daunting to say the least.

And I have a baby afghan in progress for no particular reason other than I liked the pattern. Alternating blocks of six rows of pink, peach, yellow, blue, green, lilac. Worked in strips and will be sewn together with white edging.