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Adventures in Crochet

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mother's Love completed and helmet liner update

Here's the Mother's Love baby afghan. I was really happy with it. This, along with the caps and the yellow spider web and the fleece blankets, was donated last week to charity.

I hear from Jason that the helmet liners are a big hit with his guys. He hopes to sent a photo of them all wearing them! I'd really like that.

I've been slacking off lately; busy with other things, I guess. I am working a sportweight white baby 'ghan with a neat stitch. It's a shell row (1 sc, 2 dc in stitch below, skip next 2) and a dc row alternating (dc in back loop of 2 dc below and regular dc in the sc) But I ran into a wad of tangle in my skein and I've been too lazy to deal with it. I think I'm going to pitch the tangle and grab a new skein. Wasteful!

I still need to complete the edging of the Granny's Heart. I hate having UFOs around!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hearts and Bobbles and Thinking Ahead....

Upon finishing the 13th helmet liner, my hands fell off. j/k! But I was really, really glad to be done with those for now. At some point I need to make one more (or maybe two; I have yarn enough). Peter wants one for his hunting season. With enough of a break I won't mind. They actually go together pretty quickly.

So, I was very excited to pick up the Granny's Heart kit that I ordered a few weeks ago. It's a granny-square style baby afghan worked in the shape of a heart with a deep frilly ruffle. The body of the afghan worked up quickly but I think there's a mistake in the pattern and I ended up with one of the heart "humps" one row shorter than the other. Time for the frog stitch and I corrected it. I'm on about the fifth row of the 11-row ruffle. Why does edging always take so long? I set this project aside for now to pick up a stash-buster.

I'm working the "Mother's Hug" baby afghan from LA's Contest Favorite Baby Afghans. It's a sort of filet style of chains and DC with a bobble stitch. It works up to look like a series of boxes with a bobble in the center. I'm about 3/4 done. It has an unusual loop stitch fringe edge; I did some initial practicing of the stitch and it's not working so well for me. I might have to modify! Anyway, I plan to donate this (among other items) to a charity baby shower at church next week.

Thinking ahead to what to do next. I could work on stash busting for quite awhile but my thoughts have been leaning toward a thread table cloth. I need to find just the right pattern though. I really don't want a motif since I hate sewing them all together. But it's hard to find a filet crochet tablecloth worked in one piece. And chances are I'd have to adjust size anyway. So what to do? But I've got a few possibilities in mind. I'd also like to work up the filet Lord's Prayer that I picked up on ebay awhile ago. I love the planning process of crochet; the new project selection. It might even be more fun than finishing a project!