The Hook and I

Adventures in Crochet

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Show 'n Tell Time

Thought I'd wander around the house and find undocumented crochet projects.
Here's Charlie's Lion Suede striped throw. Worked per the Lion pattern including the color choices. I was very pleased with this and it suits the room perfectly!

And here's Josie's little throw. Worked up in Lion Homespun in Cotton Candy (I think that's the color name) with a design of my own "invention". lol. 1 sc, 1 ch all the way!

Several attempts to use up scraps. American Girl sweaters, preemie, newborn and baby hats. I'm especially fond of the preemie hats. So tiny and cute; I used two strands of baby fingering weight yarn for a soft, heathered effect; yellow/peach for one and blue/green. And a couple cotton dishcloths.

A couple of oldies but goodies. I made several of these heart filet baby 'ghans in my IF days for expectant (and lucky!) friends. Here are the last two I made for my own miracle babies. And now they're not really used anymore. Bittersweet...

The (in)famous fleece blankets with a simple edge. The white one was my first and I laboriously blanket stitching the edge by hand. The polka dot one was done by pre-punching holes and then SC into the hole. Much more betterer!

And my current project. My first of many (I hope) woolen helmet liners for Jason's unit in Iraq. My goal is to have 12-13 of them done for shipping with the Girl Scout cookies. We'll see if I can pull it off. I'm about 1/3 done with the second one; worked in a dark olive. I also have dark grey and black wool.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Photo Finish and Stash Busting

I, historically, have been very bad about taking photos of my work. I keep very few of the things I make, so once they are gone, they are gone. Now that I have this forum for all things crochet-ish, I can try to make a better attempt to keep photo archives.

Here is the baby block 'ghan I made for darling Willow. I loved the colors and the variable pattern kept things interesting as I worked. But the finishing work (sewing the strips together and adding the white trim was tedious. It also turned out enormous; way bigger than you'd think a baby 'ghan should need to be.

Here are the bright tropical placemats I made for Heather. Her little daughter found a new use for 3 of them (the fourth one, the blue one is not shown here.)

A week or so of concerted effort towards stash-busting and I made good progress. I had just enough yellow baby sport to make a spider-web baby blanket. It's working up really fast and is nearly done. I plan to make some preemie and newborn caps, too. All this stuff will be going in the donate box for the boutique sale at church. And then I went shopping yesterday! Ended up spending part of my Christmas Joann's GC on yarn. So, back into the stash. But, but but! they had Fun Fur for $1 and Baby Homespun for $2!

I had such amazing luck at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, I thought I'd try again. Unfortunately, they had no yarn, but they had Christmas/wintery fleece baby blankets with a blanket-stitch edge already to go! Woo! I bought six. And two of the colors exactly match some of my stash yarn, so it's still a sort of stash help! LOL