The Hook and I

Adventures in Crochet

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Project updates

The placemats turned out okay. Since I generally crochet to gauge, I never worry about gauge and sure enough these turned out the size the pattern said they would. Unfortunately, I still think they are a wee bit on the small side. The simple single crochet edge did help keep them flat and they washed up nicely.

I also made Heather a long skinny scarf of my own (very simple) design. I used Fun Fur and Boucle together at both ends and Boucle for the remaining middle section. It's cute.

Made another sweater for the AG doll; nice way to use up scraps. This one was mainly Jiffy green with a couple white and blue strips. (Note to self: figure out how to post photos)

The baby block afghan was completed and delivered to my SIL on Thanksgiving. She did not say much about it but my brother seemed to like it. I know she got a ton of blankies at her shower. Oh well.

Update on the EdergyDoo or whatever the heck it's called. Disappointing. It was way too much money for what I got. I like the template; it's nice quality. But I'm expected to make my own punching pad. No thanks. So I used the template to mark off (with a regular thin tip marker) the dots. Then I sat down with the awl and a small crochet hook. I would punch about 5-10 holes at a time and then SC into them. It turned out cute. I like using the bobbly yarns for this; hides a lot of sins.

Currently working on a simple scarf for the children's teacher. Using Twister which is an eyelash/chenille yarn twisted together. It's working up nice; it's fun. I'm working the scarf in SC the long way. I may add a fringe of chain loops.