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Adventures in Crochet

Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas projects

So many! I have made one tiny sweater for Josie's American Girl doll and want to make more. I have patterns for dresses, coats, hats, etc.

I have two of the four placemats for Heather done. I'm a little unsure about them. I worry that they are too small and that the edges curl. I'll have to block them for sure; I wonder what will happen after they are washed though. I'm thinking about edging them, too, instead of using the fringe. Not such a fan of fringe and the edging might help keep them flat.

Waiting on my EdgeryDoo thing to punch holes in fleece for crocheting an edging. I made one baby blanket by doing blanket stitch around the edge and then crocheting into the blanket stitch but I wasn't entirely happy with the results. My hand stitching is less than perfect to say the least and the stitches were a variety of widths and depths. Still, it did turn out really cute. So I went on to a full size blanket. I thought I should use a deeper stitch because of the larger scale of the blanket but that was a mistake. The edges of the fleece curl under in parts; the stitch is too big to hold the fleece down. So I cut off all the edges and will retry with my EdgeryDoo. Can't wait to get it!

Also started a little Lion Boucle/Fun Fur poncho for Josie. It should be very quick!

And I've been reading a lot about crochet. I'm very interested in new uses for this edging idea. I'm thinking about cotton thread crochet for towels and table cloths. Maybe even curtains.

Let's see how much I can actually accomplish in the next few weeks!